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Bra construction under way

So I finally got started on the bra. I cut two layers of the thickest interfacing I could get, to make the side straps, and zig-zagged the living daylights out of them.

Then I had to attach them to the bra cups. This is the tricky bit, because the bra still has the underwire, and sewing machines don't really like that stuff getting in the way. So that's a combination of more massive zig-zagging and hand stitching.

There are straps waiting to be sewn, but the needle on my sewing machine snapped, so I have to wait till tomorrow when I can go & get some replacements. I might hand sew them, possibly. But I won't attach them till I've covered the bra cups with the white mesh.

Jobs for tomorrow:
- go sewing machine needle shopping.
- cover the cups with the white material.
- Add the neck straps.
- Add the hooks.

I need to buy crystals. I've got some round ones on order, and I'll be getting some big pear-shaped ones later in the week- the ebay vendor that drachenfach recommended is waiting for an order to come in. I'm ordering enough to make a potential hip belt, because I'm fairly sure I *will* want to be making one now that I've thought of it.

Which means adding more of the super-thick interfacing, and probably more hooks, to the shopping list tomorrow. Because, now that I'm thinking about it, I might as well do the work at the same time as the bra, so that I'm decorating them both together. I'm looking at doing a slightly fatter skinny belt. I can nick the pattern from the Sa'aidienne, although, to be honest, it's basically a long thin rectangle with a little bit of darting. It's not exactly rocket science, is it?

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