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Hold it!

Eek! I am a thickie thickie duhhhh-brain, who can't count!

I somehow convinced myself that I needed 14 large pear-shaped crystals to adorn my bra & belt. I had even done a drawing. And yet, even using my fingers, I couldn't count properly how many crystals I would be needing.

I checked my drawing and if I did the design as per the drawing, I'd actually be needing 20 large pear-shaped crystals. Which is way past what my budget will stand. I've also checked my drawing (which was very much not to any kind of scale) against the dimensions of my actual bra & belt, and the designs would have meant a lot of squishing stuff in.

So I'm going on a more generalised version of those design ideas, based loosely on the ideas, but with fewer of the expensive bits of glass, which keeps me within my original 14 stone version. I could even get away with 12, if I use small round stoned on the armbands.

So ignore the hip=belt design pretty much, in this:

Now it will be more a cascade of 3 pear-shaped stones, rather than two rows of them.

The bra design remains something I'm quite happy with, and I think it will fit, although I may take out the inner round stone, because it may sink too far down the cleavage. It will remain to be seen what will actually work once I get going on it.


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Aug. 22nd, 2011 06:13 pm (UTC)
Ooh it looks lovely! Love the design of the bra! Fabulous!
Aug. 22nd, 2011 10:44 pm (UTC)
This will be lovely!
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