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I'm ready to roll

In theory, I am well prepared for the forth-coming term of teaching. I'm not feeling the usual Halp! I've forgotten how to teach! panic quite so badly. I'm still not finished on the Intermediates' choreography but it's complete enough to last for the first few weeks of classes and it will be finished by then. All the other classes will be getting an existing choreo, so I just need to refresh my memory of those, it's not a case of learning anything new, or making up any new routines.

Part of this sense of being well prepared comes from having actually done all the paperwork that my Adult and Community Learning overlords require. The ludicrous thing is that, having been praised last term for how well I kept my Course file, I feel I can't possibly let down the expectations of my line manager by being any less well-organised this year. I'm a victim of my own success! Not that it's a particularly problematical victimhood. I would have done all of that planning in a less formal way, even if I wasn't trying to suck up to my boss. As indeed I do for all the other classes I've got.

I'm really not sure that I'm going to have the Guildford classes for much longer- they're due to start next week and the enrolments are slow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a late surge of interest.

In Trivialities news, I was tidying up my "stationery cupboard" yesterday, and realised I've got at least 5 unused notebooks there. And I've got three current notebooks on the go... I need to stop myself from acquiring new notebooks, and use the ones I've got up & running in a more rational way!


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