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Dance Tutor Mentoring- my first job

It's not really mentoring as I understand mentoring. Mainly because it's not a voluntary relationship between me and the tutors I'm dealing with! They get me whether they want me or not! I'm more a sort of practical assistant to the departmental manager in charge of dance courses. I'm able to explain how the morass of ACL paperwork can actually be made to be useful/manageable, in practical ways. I have joined The Man.

So I had my first job this morning. I had to do an Informal Class Visit, to prepare the tutor for the formal Class Observation, next week. Basically, my job is to make sure she's got all the paperwork in order, so that it's one less thing for my boss to have to check, when she does the Observation, and she can focus on the class content.

This particular visit was to another of the bellydance teachers. I had to make a few very definite "suggestions" that aren't really suggestions at all, they're instructions. We got a good report from OFSTED last time round, and the powers that be are keen to improve on it, next time, so since last year the key buzzwords that you *need* to have safely under your belt are: Equality and Diversity, and Differentiation. And this tutor hasn't addressed any of these issues in her paperwork at all, even though it's very easy with BD, to point out that it is Culturally Diverse by definition, and mention the use of Arabic music and Middle Eastern culture. As I say, I've tried to make helpful suggestions on ways she can make her paperwork look good. I hope they help.

I suspect I wasn't very efficient about it, because it was my first time.


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Nov. 18th, 2011 10:14 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you'll be very useful to those who will listen - and hopefully they will.

As for efficiency on your part - I'm sure you were, and like any post such as this, once you get a measure of what's required by the department I'm sure you'll be an absolute demoness (in the nicest possible way of course!)
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