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The Hyacinth Lace is under way...

I got the skirt cut out last week, but it's only today I've got into my sewing vibe. But it does now mean that I have the skirt for the Hyacinth Lace costume.

It's my bog standard mermaid skirt, because they suit my figure. It's basically straight panels, one wide for the front, two narrow for the back. There are three godets- one big one for the back that starts just under my bum, and two for the sides, that start at my knee. It's got an elasticated upper hip. It's got a split that goes up to just above my left knee.

I made it a bit smaller than the other skirts I've made before. It's tight-fitting, in a good way. The fabric suits that sort of clingyness. And the clingyness definitely suits my bum!

This is the back view, so you can see the godets in their full glory. It does look better on!

I haven't hemmed it yet, nor have I added the lace decoration. I'm going to try & leave that until after I've done the bra & belt. The current idea is to have a lace panel on each side of the split, and to cover the godets with lace, putting the lace edge at the hem. But I might revise this last idea, as it may interfere with the flow of the skirt.

Overall, the plan is to do:-
1 - skirt - see above
2 - bra & belt, covered in lace
3 - gauntlets, with appliqués of the lace rose motif.
4 - compulsory leg thingy, with a lace rose motif
5 - some sort of headgear. I have got a vague idea to do a crown, but I need to investigate where I can get hold of supplies. It may still end up being a plain hairband like I've done in the past.

I might do upper arm bands, possibly with lace drapes, depending on how much of the lace I've got left by the time I've done all the bits I've definitely planned for.

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