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Sewing for a student and for me.

Another student is joining the performance group (or rather rejoining- hooray!) and needs a baladi dress to match the troupe, so I'm making it for her. And also decorating it, which is fun!

I started on the dress today, and because it's working with the candy pink lycra, and I was going to make the next skirt set in the candy pink, I started on the new skirt set too.

The dress is made up, but not hemmed. The hemming will get done as part of the decorating. I've started on the edge-beading. I'm using holo-silver sequins and pink beads from a care package I got from mekyria last year- thanks again, Kyria!

The fixings
Edge beading

There's also going to be pink sequin tusk shapes involved, and the big acrylic crystals, and pink ribbon, and possibly pink pearls, seeing as I've got them left over from the Pink Confetti, although I haven't entirely worked out how they'll fit in.

As for the skirt set. The skirt is made but needs hemming. (Hmmm... Where have I heard *that* before?!) I have made elbow covers, and they will need beading, top & bottom. I'm still debating whether to make a headband or not. I may not. But the dress gets priority for now, to make sure it's finished in good time for the next Mirage performance.


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Jun. 18th, 2012 11:40 am (UTC)
I love this
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