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Off to Hull

I'm on a train (second one out of the four[*] it takes to get to Hessle).

I've started beading my own pink baladi dress, which has never had a whole lot of decoration, on account partly of having needed to go purple the last few times we've worn these out, and partly of the cobbler's children being the ones that go barefoot. I have generally been the one making and decorating everybody else's baladi dresses and mine was always the last one to get any attention. So thus far (and it's a good two years old, this dress) it's had a bit of beading around the neckline, but nothing on the sleeves or hem. And in fact, because lycra doesn't fray, not even hemming! So it was high time I did something for the poor dress. I will probably want to change what's at the neckline because, to be honest, I've got better at beading since then, and it's looking a bit sorry.

It's ridiculous how much stuff I've brought with me just for (a) being at a haflah, (b) performing at a haflah, (c) staying at Sandra's overnight.

Right, time to sign off and carry on with the beading.

[*] Third out of six, if we're counting the two tube trains to get across London.

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