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Fantasia Competition

Yesterday, I was at Fantasia. I didn't go to any of the workshops, mostly because there was nothing there that I really felt would take my dancing in the direction that I want it to go. But I wanted to see the soloists competition, and do a bit of shopping and chatting with friends and so on.

The competition was interesting. There were a few entrants from the UK (or at least, UK based, as several of them are not native, and didn't necessarily do their learning here), and quite a few Europeans. I'm glad I wasn't one of the judges, because the standard was pretty consistent and there was no stand-out winner.

The first interesting thing I found was that the Belgian entrant, Luna, and the Netherlands entrant Selena(sp?), were dancing exactly the same way Queenie does. The second interesting thing I found was that there was a certain amount of not being on the beat, as a result of the choreography being too fast, or too full. I'm a firm believer in creating choreographies that challenge you technically, but for goodness sake, have that challenge beaten by the time you get to the competition! And thirdly, I found myself loving the dancers who seemed to be dancing honestly, from their heart, though I suppose that's not really news! I particularly liked Maiye(sp?) from Norway (tall dancer in green & gold), who had a glorious lushness about her dancing, and Janette(sp?) from Hungary, (in orange) whose body was deliciously soft and squishy when she shimmied!

I was really pleased when I heard the placings. Third was Dia (from the Czech Republic, brown costume with the turquoise tulle) who'd reminded me enormously of Zana, second was Sayuri (better known to me as Sarah!) who'd done a heartfelt Akteb Aleik (in the pink/blue Hanan baladi dress), and was totally overcome by placing! And the winner was Roxana, who is French, but based here (red Bella? costume). She'd done a cute Baladi, and she's totally adorable!

But as I said, it must have been a tough call for the judges, because there were many excellent dancers who could just have easily been in the running.

It was lovely to see so many friends again, and to meet people from online in real life!



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Safran Dance
Dec. 18th, 2012 11:30 am (UTC)
Yay, thanks for posting the results!
And especially for the costume-references, it makes so much more sense :) I so loved Sayuri's Akdeb Aleik, I think she totally deserved to be in the top 3! And it was great to meet you, I hope the next time I'll have more time to stay around and chat!
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