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Cairo Catch Up- Wednesday

I'm typing up my notes, written in Cairo taxis, and therefore almost impenetrably impossible to read.

Wednesday morning was lazy! After the late night, both diva_c and I decided to forgo the dance class. It was with Hassan Hassan, of the Folklore Show, so that was a bit of a shame, but you have to use your energy wisely, and I'm more concerned with managing the late nights than the early mornings. So we had a late and pleasant breakfast of coffee and cake on our balcony.

I was due at Eman's at 2.00 for a prova. evil_spice and Eva were also having provas, and getting there straight from the dance class, and I was getting there under my own steam, using Kay's instructions on how to give taxi drivers directions. Diva_C was coming along with me for fun. The taxi driver managed to make sense of my instructions, and once we were there, I managed to get my bearings and recognise the place from before, so all was well. We were a bit late, but hey, this is Cairo, and in any case they weren't ready for me. That's ok, we got to sit among the piles of gorgeous fabrics and sparkly beads, and chat with Sara, and watch in fascination as beautiful costumes got cut out and constructed.

I had no real idea of what Eman had in store for me, apart from knowing the colours and that there would be drapés. At this stage it was mainly a question of making sure the basic dress fitted me, which it did. It's a beautifully flattering shape, so I'm happy about that. We made an appointment for another prova on Friday.

Then we were off to the Khan al Khalili to meet up with the rest of the group. The taxi ride from Giza to Downtown took us round past the Citadel, and Al Azhar park, and we approached the Khan from the "wrong" side! Well, wrong compared to how I'm used to! I had taken SPECIAL care to make sure I had my student measurements this time, so I could get my students' costumes ordered at last. I sat down with Mahmoud and his seamstress, Mme Ilham, to make sure she understood what I wanted. It's so great that I could be really specific and have exactly what I want. The only slight fly in the ointment is the shipping cost. I realised there was no way I could carry them back, so it was my only option, but the FedEx costs have bumped up the overall cost to us, to more than they've paid me up front. I'll suck up part of it, but I'll still have to ask them for an extra fiver when they arrive.

We had a bite to eat at Fishawy's- we needed it, Miss C & I hadn't eaten all day! Delicious baladi bread filled with taameya and with aubergines. Scrumptious and just what we needed.

The rest of the group were staying on at the Khan to watch the Tannoura show. Scottish M, Diva_C and I had already decided we've seen more tannoura than any human ought reasonably to have to watch, so Diva & me had earlier asked about the possibility of going to the Pharaon. We hadn't heard any details, so I tried to text Kay to ask what sailing we were booked on. The Pharaon is in Giza, and having just had a journey of well over an hour *from* Giza, it was looking unlikely that we could make the early sailing, assuming that was the one we were booked on. Unfortunately, we didn't hear anything back[*], so we made the executive decision to go back to Zamalek to chill a bit.

Having chilled sufficiently, we decided to investigate the hotel's pub, the Cairo Cellar. We had a couple of beers and some baba ganoush and chips! There were also some complimentary warm sprouting beans. I'm not a big fan of beans, myself, but I tried them with an open mind, and wasn't too sure. Miss C was agin them from the off, but Scottish M liked them well enough. It was good to just sit and chat, and relax. Kay's holidays have a lot packed into them, and there's a lot of taxi riding involved, and sometimes you need a little down time.

[*] Though Kay did text me back, as she assured me the next morning, that text never reached me- I've no idea why not. It must still be floating around the ether...

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