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Tomorrow night dilemma

Tomorrow is a dilemma day. Tomorrow night there is Hipnotic on, at which I am performing and teaching a mini-workshop, and there is the BD Trophies final on.

I wish I could clone myself and go to each, but the best I can hope for is to do Hipnotic, and then to push off at all speed down the M4 to get to Wembley and BDT at around 10.30/10.45ish, and catch the later stages of it. It seems likely, from what Farah was saying at Arabesque Nights, that it's going to be a late one- there are the musicians to wrangle, there are lots of guest dancers, and of course there will be all the number-crunching to do, and to double check, then there's the presentations of the tiaras and trophies of course... It could easily go on till 1am.

Now, I'm a late bird, so a late night is no biggie for me. But I'd be driving home late, on London roads, and I'm really not all that keen on night driving. I can do it, but I don't like it. Also, teaching is tiring, mentally, and I may not really feel up to mad driving and an even later night than usual. So I'm humming and hahing, and may just go straight home after Hipnotic. Who knows?

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