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Krystina's Showcase

I was invited, with Mirage, to take part in Krystina's student showcase. It's a really nice friendly event, very low-key and a nice environment for students to be performing. It was mostly Krys's students, including Natalie B, and a couple of Nat's own students (or as I'm thinking of them, Krys's grand-students!).

All the student acts acquitted themselves honourably (M managed to NOT make me wonder whether she had any underwear on, although I was worrying about her bra sequins giving her a nasty rash, and we all know my views on lingerie bra straps showing...). I was particularly impressed that the Beginners did two numbers.

Natalie did an Algerian Kabyle number, and I was surprised how much I remembered from the Kabyle workshops I did *years* ago with Pauline Sayhi at Summer School. She also did an Oriental Bahlam Bik. I did the Leila Min Hobbi fik ya Gari, which segués into Taht il Shebbak, so I was representing the Baladi (yeah!) and Krys did a sweet Pop piece, in a beautiful pink bedlah. The dance really suited her. I've come to realise that there's quite a lot of importance in picking the right music/dance for yourself. Too many dancers will perform the dance they learned from Big Name Teacher, without actually thinking about whether it's right for them.

Mirage did Ahwak (of course), although we were fielding a much smaller team than at Hipnotic! We were just four, but it worked out fine, and we got the lovely "Ahhhhh!" from the audience at the end of it. It fair makes a choreographer proud to hear that!


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