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All done bar the bead drops which can't do, because I'm waiting for supplies, and the lining, which I will do in one fell swoop.

I totally changed the plans for the armbands. They were going to be wider, with the ruching and a crystal, and then I realised that would make them quite big & clunky, so I scaled down.

I thought I would do them with one set of the bead edging I've used on the rest of the costume. But they were a smidge too wide for that, so I did a 1 sequin-5 bead edging down one side to see what that would give. It worked well enough, so I did the same edging on the other side, and sort of zippered the two sets of bead "tails" together into a V, if that makes sense, and bingo!

The beading, part way through:

And "finished":

I've started the mandeel, which is just a rectangle to which I'm adding the big sequins, like I did for the side splits and sleeves of the dress.

I feel the end is in sight, definitely. Once the mandeel is done (and it shouldn't take long), I've got a tiny bit more beading to do when the beads arrive. Then I've got the job of lining everything and adding all the hooks & bars. When I look at the gigantic To Do List I had set up for the making of this costume, and how much I've already crossed off it, there's really very little left!


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Sep. 4th, 2011 08:50 am (UTC)
I so admire your patience. It would have been the wardrobe of doom long before now if I had set off on a project so ambitious. Huzahs for you!
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