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Sorry haflagirl!

I started sewing the skirt today, for the Turquoise with Flowers costume.

It's the same skirt that I made for the Raspberry Sorbet, but with a split in front. The split is over the left leg, because the left leg is the more beautiful one. And it's a tradition, or an old charter... It's rather better-made. I knew more what I was doing with the attachment of the godets and none of them pucker, which makes me happy. So here it is, front & back:


I also started on the bra side/back straps, but I realised that the bra I was planning on using is in the washing pile, so it's not ready to have straps attached.

However, I had a small piece of elastic which was perfect for the Leg Thingy, so I covered it with the turquoise lycra, and attached a hook, and one of the flowers, so that one's very nearly finished. The only thing it's going to get extra will be some crystals (having convinced myself that it wouldn't be de trop to put crystals on this costume that's meant to be plain.

I've also cut out and sewn the seams on the gauntlets. I've just started on the bead ropes to edge them. I feel like I've let myself in for a long one!



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Sep. 14th, 2011 07:23 pm (UTC)
GAH! Another one? If I send you the air fare will you just come here and finish all of mine?

I had fully planned on a beading day today but then learned that we're to get our first frost tonight, so it was out to the gardens for harvesting veggies and repotting the herbs in the hopes that I can keep them alive through the winter.
Sep. 14th, 2011 08:13 pm (UTC)
See?! You have much more important things to deal with than I do. You have plenty of good reasons for having unfinished sewing projects.
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