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First classes of the new term

Last night I had the first of the Guildford classes. I was keen to get to the studio good & early, so that I could photograph the White Baladi costume in the mirrors. And boy it was just as well that I *was* there early, because look what was cluttering the studio as I walked in:


I had to shift all that lot myself, so that there would be enough space to actually, y'know, teach dance in. Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!
I left a snotty note scrawled all over the script they left behind, saying "next time, tidy your shite away!" I've also fired off a snotty email to my boss to let her know I had to deal with this, including sending her the photos.

But apart from that, the evening was satisfactory. I got the photos done, and I enjoyed the classes.

The Beginners class started late because the Sports Park has a tendency to forget to tell people that the classes aren't actually at the Sports Park site, but over on the University campus. Which means I had six people turning up about 15 minutes late. I was happy that there were a few more people there than the 5 I'd been led to expect. I reckon I might still have more turning up next week, but, even if I don't, it's still good. They seem to all get on, in fact there was a kind of friendly rivalry between "ends"! And a couple of them said they had enjoyed the music, which is always a relief with Beginners! If they don't like the music, then it's hard to enthuse them. I had just left my mp3 player on the Drills playlist and all of a sudden Segara Bony/Coca Coca Coca came on, with its rather funky intro, and I think it came as a bit of a shock to them!

As for the Improver/Intermediates, it's a small group, which might make the choreo a bit tricky to teach, as it's Awel Marra, which requires two groups of dancers. There's a new lady, Louise, who's antipodean, and done most of her dancing in Aus & NZ. She's good, and I'm hoping that I can keep her. She was friendly with the others, so that's good. We were doing spins & turns, which is something of a general weakness, I feel. I'm ok-ish with them, but I'm aware that they do seem to be a problem for a lot of dancers. Anyway, apart from dizziness, most of the girls coped well with them.

I've been given a 15 minute break between classes this time round which is a huge relief. But it does mean that I'll have less time after class to do any practising for myself or videoing of dance pieces/technique stuff.



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Sep. 17th, 2011 07:42 pm (UTC)
ugh! i've had this issue myself at a few places, annoying!!!!
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