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I've just spent £12 on getting a video of me doing Min Hobbi Fik ya Gari at Arabesque Nights two weeks ago. If it's any good, I'll post it!

I'm working on the Turquoise costume tonight, mainly the gauntlets. I got the pretty pretty turquoise AB crystals and I had to try them on something, so I added them to the flower on the Leg Thingy. Rather more pertinently, I've added them to the gauntlet I've just finished beading.

Job for this evening: do the other gauntlet (and make it look the same!)

ETA- job done:

Job for the weekend: do the washing so that I can get going on the bra.

It feels like I'm slacking, just doing the little fiddly bits that belong at the end. I want to get going on the serious costume elements, the skirt and the bra. But there's a valid reason for it- I'm treating the gauntlets as the training for the bead edging. I think I'm doing ok with it. It's not perfect perfect, but it's good. I wanted to start with small easy pieces that I could redo if I cocked them up. I really don't fancy having to start the skirt from scratch if I mess up. But I feel like I'm getting the hang of it, and as soon as the second gauntlet is done, I shall be ready to tackle the skirt edge-beading.

I'm doing a 6-bead "rope". It's nice & stretchy, so it will work on the top-edge of the skirt, which is elasticated. It's also wide enough to cover the zig-zag stitch I've used to attach the elastic. (I may be a rubbish sewer, but I can bury the bodies!) I will be edge-beading down the sides of the front split, but I'm refusing to do the hem. It's *too* long!

I think I'm going to need a lot of distractionary work, that I can do between bouts of edge-beading. Edge-beading is tedious, mind-numbingly boring work, and I am going to need to intersperse it with other more interesting work. Oh lordy, I'm already seeing myself wanting to start on the next project, by way of something different to do. That way madness lies!

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