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Substitute teaching

I was standing in for Lea, one of the Hipsinc teachers. Normally I wouldn't have been asked, because she'd usually have her pick of the other Hipsinc teachers, but I suspect they are all up to their eyeballs with Shimmy in the City stuff, which is why she had to look further afield.

Fortunately Lea made it very easy for me, as she has a dedicated helper, who gets free classes in return for taking the money & vouchers at the door. They were all good students, Lea can be proud of them. They worked hard, and even when they weren't sure what they were doing, they had a damn good go at it (rather than limply giving up & saying "I can't do it"- grrr!!!! Those are the worst students!)

I had a couple of technology 'mares. I had to buy myself a new set of speakers, to work my mp3 player on. My own speakers at home are a bit pathetic & weedy, and while adequate for my own music listening purposes at home in my tiny wee flat, they are inadequate to the task of filling a large function room, such as I knew they would need to last night (and at CD, come to that, next month). So I wanted to buy a set with a bit of grunt. Argos had a stonking 100W speaker for sale at £75, and I thought Bingo! So I bought it yesterday morning, only to find when I got it home, that it's iPod docking ONLY, no aux input for my non-iPod mp3 player. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....

So I hunted around online to see what I could get, and eventually I was able to reserve a set of speakers at Curry's in town. 20W, so considerably less powerful, but with an aux input, thank heavens. I went to pick it up en route to the train. It's a bit big, but the sound was good, and it was powerful enough for the purpose.

The other 'mare was that my wall charger for my mp3 player decided to play up and NOT charge. I'm pretty sure it's just a loose connection, and if you position it right it will work, but it certainly wasn't playing ball last night, and I only barely made it to the end of the 3 hours of class.

And now I've got to take the iPod-only speakers back to Argos & get my money back, which is a bit of a chore.

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