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I am a model Adult Education Employee

The new class went ok. There was a bit of a problem with the cable for the mp3 player. I had been told they had the right cable and I could just plug my player into their jack. I checked this with them when I was there for my interview. But as it turns out, no, they haven't.

So I'm going to invest in my own red/white cable because this has happened too often for me. I also want to find a cable which I can use to plug my netbook into the tv at Farnham Ad Ed centre, while I'm bothering maplins.

Anyway, there was a Turkish girl there, claiming she was no good at bellydancing. I explained I do Egyptian not Turkish, and she was perfectly happy with that.

And I spent the train journey home trying to do my paperwork for the Farnham classes. I am such a good Ad Ed teacher!

It's all about the Planning For Individual Goals. Which means, we have to plan what we're going to teach for the term- we create our Teaching Aims, and the Learning Goals for the students, sorry, Learners... To this end, we create a beautiful Scheme of Work, outlining what we're going to teach in each lesson, and how it contributes to meeting the Learning Goals. BUT... in addition to the Learning Goals that we, the tutors, create, each student, sorry, Learner, can set out his or her own personal idiosyncratic Individual Goals. And we then have to show in our paperwork that we have made plans to meet those Individual Goals. Which means working out what they all are, because some people aren't very clear or specific in setting out their own Individual Goals. Then working out which ones we are already doing. And which ones it's unrealistic to expect me to sort out for them in 90 minutes per week. For example, I cannot get a 60+ lady "more flexible" without her doing some extra work on the other 6 days of the week that I don't see her. Same with the one who wants to "gain strength".

Next, I get to make plenty of notes in my class profile of exactly when I will be addressing each of these Individual Goals, and students often put two or three of them, or list a number of Moves they want to work on.

And THEN... because, inevitably, some of them want to do stuff that I'd never intended to cover this term at all, I get to rejig my perfectly formed Scheme of Work, and try and identify when I can squeeze in all those topics that I had no idea I'd need to address until term started last week, and what I can legitimately take out of the original Scheme, to make room for all the additional stuff.

I think I've managed it. I suspect that the plans to teach the whole choreography to Ala Shat el Bahr el Howa within the term may end up falling by the wayside, but I'm resigned to that. It's fairly complex and the last two have taken two terms to "get". But that would happen regardless of whether I rejigged the Scheme of Work or not.



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Sep. 27th, 2011 09:37 am (UTC)
I'm now quite relieved that my course has been cancelled and I will consider it a lucky escape! I thought it would be a quick and easy thing to do on a free night but no.
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