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Achieving things today

I'm cataloguing my DVDs & videos. It's not like I've got millions, but I need to keep tabs on where they all are! And what's on which one. It's a bit distracting, because of watching them to be sure of what's on each one.

I did a shedload of needful shopping. A new electric heater, because the cheap crappy one I've had for years packed up, and sometimes you need a little boost while the central heating kicks in. More printer paper. All the drawstring ribbons for the drawstring bags I made over the weekend. Rimmel Nail Rescue stuff, which does seem to benefit my poor weedy nails. And three pairs of leggings at a bargain £2 each- in turquoise, cerise and purple, which should just about go with all my dance tops- OK maybe not exactly needful, but still jolly useful. A new duvet, because mine seems to be far too thin for this wintery weather- 13.5 lovely togs should do the trick now.

I've added all the drawstrings, and put costumes in the costume bags. And that means: no more displacement activity, I've got to buckle down and bead the blasted Sevruga Special.

I've posted off the zips to eollie. They've gone by ordinary airmail, I didn't bother with tracking. If they don't reach her in the next couple of weeks, I'll send some more...

I've sent off my PPL renewal.

However, I have totally failed to do any food shopping (not enough arms to carry it all home), so it may well be fish & chips tonight.

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