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Various teaching things

Last night's classes were good. The beginners are starting to feel a bit more comfortable, I think. In the first class they were very quiet and didn't ask any questions at all, this week they were a bit more vocal, which is how I like it!.

The Intermediates class had a bit of a wonky start. A gang of them ensconced themselves in the coffee room and took a while to get into class and get ready, so there was a slight delay. I've now made it clear to them, even if the door to the room is inadvertantly shut, they can come in any time in the quarter hour we have between classes. And in future weeks, I will patrol the coffee room 5 minutes before we're supposed to start & tell any of my ladies who may happen to have congregated there that it's time to get ready.

Apart from that, I thought it was a successful class. The Technique element was perhaps a bit pfff... But I did cause considerable confusion with one of my hip drop combinations, that worked in a star/cross shape (or as one of the students, can't remember which, said, a swastika! But really not a swastika at all, there's only one direction change, just a plain cross shape is all). That required a certain amount of concentration, to make sure you kept going round the right way.

And as for the choreography, it's shaping up nicely! There's only one more new bit to learn, plus a repetition (slightly adapted) of the first chorus to become the ending, and then Bingo it's done. This has led to our agreeing that it will be sufficiently performance-ready by the time of misspotsitt's haflah at the beginning of April. It's over two months away, so it *should* be ok. I have to say, the agreement was gained at the end of the class, when everyone was in a weakened state, and was still under the influence of the dance endorphins, so it was perhaps a leeetle rash, but I have confidence that we can do this and make it look good!

On the Guildford classes, I got the term dates for summer, so in theory I ought to be able to plan when I can go to PE and Arabesque Nights. But now they're telling me I may need to change nights, because GSA can't find enough rooms on a Thursday night for the three classes that the Sports Park runs there. So it may well be that I can reclaim my Thursdays, in favour of moving classes to a Monday or Wednesday. It would kinda suit me.

I've spent this afternoon rejigging my Paperwork for Ad Ed, because they like you to Plan to Meet Learners' Individual Goals, which I hadn't been able to do until they filled in their Individual Learning Plans and specified what their individual goals are. As it turns out, most of their goals are Things We Already Do, so not too much rejigging required. But it gives me a chance to tweak.

I need to think ahead to what I'll be teaching in the Summer. I think I may go back to Veils, because we haven't done them for a while.

And finally in a non-teaching related item, I was trying to check train fares for Shipley (JoY). The online sites only book three months ahead, so I couldn't check for the exact dates, so I looked using a couple of weekends earlier, and nearly had a heart attack when it looked like it was going to cost over a hundred quid! Then I remembered, that's Easter weekend, so I tried the weekend before that, and it's much cheaper, but still not as cheap as I thought from my research last year. Those new year fare increases are killer.

ETA - Eeek! I've just realised, I need to sort out my train up to diva_c's Final Show before I think about JoY! Back to the Railway Planner!


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