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I am heading for Reading

I will soon be off to jolly Reading for a visit to Fabricland, and then the workshop with Ranya Renee.

The shopping list for Fabricland goes as follows:
- some wadding. I need this because I need to make a cover for my lovely new kindle, and obv it needs to be a bit padded. But I was also wondering if I could add it to a hip belt, to make the belt seem as "cushioned" as the bras seem, just to sort of balance the costuming elements out. I will be trying this out at some point, and seeing if it makes any difference.
- black satin bias binding. I want to use the red & black chinese silk I've got in the stash, to make a costume cover-up. And the idea I've got in mind requires much bias binding, to edge it all.
- more velcro, because my stash of velcro is running low, and it is useful stuff.
- silver lycra, if I can find a nice version of it. This would be for the grapes bedla. I'm thinking quite far ahead on that one! It's quite a way down the Projects List. But I might be moving it up, on the basis of it being a fairly easy and quick project, once it gets going.
- if I see some nice t-shirting/interlock/jersey fabric, that I can use for costume lining, some of that.
With any luck, that's not too much to lug around for the rest of the day.

I'm very much looking forward to the workshop. Though I'm not sure what it will cover. I was just thinking there are very few teachers of whom I can say that and still be willing to sign up for them. And then I realised, I don't think I generally go to *any* teacher of whom I can't say that. Inelegantly put, I know, but nevertheless, true.

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