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Willpower - I haz it!

Fabricland was very tempting. I did quite a lot of excellent resisting of the tempty, sticking very firmly to the specified shopping list.

So now I have silver foiled lycra, velcro, wadding, and a rather cute costume lining t-shirt fabrid, in black with pink shoes & hearts. It's completely cheesey, but it is very me (I am, after all, the Reine de Fromage). Sadly, no black satin bias binding, because they didn't have enough on the roll, and it was the last one, none in the back room. But all in all, predominantly very successful.

The one minor temptation I did succumb to to which I did succumb, was a small remnant of black almost-wet-look-but-not-quite lycra, which would be perfectly sufficient for a bedla.

The flash has bleached out the pinkness of the shoes.

The major temptation that was brutally forsworn was the white & green apple print lycra. I was masterfully (mistressfully?) firm with myself, even though it was pretty and soft, and would have made a very cute baladi dress. "No!" I told myself, "there's no point in trying to use up your Stash, if all you're going to do is add back to it. You do *not* need this very cute apple print lycra!" And sitting in the café afterwards, prior to going on to nimeue's, I resisted the blandishments of the little devil sitting on my left shoulder saying "Go back to the shop, you know you want it, and it will be gone by the time you come back again."

I'm going to trust in Fate, to decide whether I am really supposed to have that fabric or not. I'll need to buy some more purple & pink lycra from Fabricland, for baladi dresses for the new members of Mirage, who haven't got a pink or purple baladi dress. That means that some time in late February/early March I will need to go back, and if the apple print lycra is still there, then I was meant to have it, and I will get it then. If it is all gone by then, it will prove that it was never meant to be.

And talking of the Mirage baladi dresses, I *really* need to finish mine properly. The sleeves and hem are still unfinished, and undecorated. I'll have to get the hyacinth lace finished quickly so that I can work on the Pink Baladi Dress in time for misspotsitt's haflah!


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