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A Personal Choreography Challenge

Some time ago, I read a blog, where the dancer was setting herself a One Month Improvisation Challenge. Now, I have no problems with Improvisation; in fact, I need a One Month Choreography Challenge.

February is a nice short month!

My self-imposed rules are:
1 - I am going to make myself write *and practise* at least two lines of choreo per day. It's a bit like a writing challenge. The important thing isn't necessarily the quality of the writing/choreography, it's the fact that you are buckling down & *doing it*. You can always go back and edit it later.
2 - It has to be a new choreographic element, not a repeat. However, "same but different" would count as new.
3 - It is ok to use a combination I've pinched from someone else, so long as I put the thought into making the decision that it's the right combination to use in that section of the music.
4 - I have to practice the whole of the choreography to date each day.

I need a new piece of music to work with. I think it may need to be the next DDH[*] song. So ideally I need to know what it is before the start of the month! If not, then I need to have a back-up song to work on.

[*] For those not in the know, DDH is a (private) community of friends who support each other in our dance practice, by all working on a specific song at the same time, and posting about our thoughts and ideas on our dance practice with it.

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