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Inspiration has struck

I was starting to worry that I might not get to make something in February which would be a great big fail, but then I got some inspiration, and I'm working on it right now!

This is a Notebook. Or at least it's a notebook without any pages in it yet, because I need to go out tomorrow to buy some good paper for the pages. It's intended as an Entirely Not At All Valentines, No Certainly Not gift for the Gentleman Friend, and since he uses notebooks for drawing on, the paper has to be suitable for drawing on. Which means my crappy printer paper won't cut the mustard, and I shall have to visit the Art Shop.

The plan is then to sew the paper into the notebook, and finish the spine with some more of the black satin bias binding, so the sewing in of the paper doesn't show.

This is essentially me trying things out. I've mentioned before how much of a sucker I am for notebooks, and stationery. Honestly, every time I walk past Rymans it's a heroic triumph of the will when I don't pop in for a browse. What I often end up buying is notebooks. What I want to do is tart up the plain notebooks that I've got, as Dance Notebooks. I do go through Dance Notebooks like a dose of salts, so it is both dance related and crafty and useful. Well... A plain notebook would be just as useful, but a prettied up notebook is both useful and pretty, so it's much better!

This is incidentally the chinese silk that I'll be using to make my new loose Cover Up, when I get round to it.


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Feb. 14th, 2012 03:59 am (UTC)
I like it! I am also a stationary and notebook junkie. It is like I am addicted to office/art supplies.
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