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Beginners to continue- hooray!

I've got an unofficial ok for the Beginners class to continue beyond the official 5 weeks. It's unofficial because not everyone out of the six who have said they wanted it has actually paid. Five are existing students, but there's one new one. I've been told to turn up and be ready to teach, in the expectation that they'll all be there and those that haven't yet will be paying on the night. So I shall have to plan a five week continuation course, that can take one brand new beginner into account. This is when I hit them with layering on top of their shimmies and some abdominal drilling, to lead onto Camels. I think I'll defer teaching a choreographed routine, in favour of some circle dancing, to lead towards some improvisational work. It's then got to lead on to the Summer Term class, which is 7 weeks (which is rather weird timing, because the Improver/Intermediates class is 10 weeks and the term is split into 6+4, rather than the usual 5+5, which means the beginners get 6 weeks, then a break, then one final week), and which may also include more brand new beginners... I would like to get the Beginners who've done the Spring & Summer Terms up to a level that they could move into the Improver/Intermediates class, and get some progression, and for my purposes, that means moving through into layered shimmies, camels & hagalla (aka Egyptian walk aka three quarter shimmy) over that 12 week period, so that they've got these under their belts.

In turn, I think it would also mean I need to make the autumn term of the improver/intermediates class a bit easier, which I'm sure no-one in that class would complain too much about!

And tonight is Hafla On The Hill. I've done my travel-checking and the new venue is considerably further from the Northern Line than I thought. Which is a bit of a bugger, but manageable, so long as I'm out of there by 10.30, 11 at the very latest.



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Feb. 17th, 2012 06:57 pm (UTC)
Sounds wonderful!
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