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The Next Sewing Project

I've been maintaining a list of my potential costume-making projects. These have been largely dictated by how Squee! I'm feeling, about the fabric, or about the costume idea.

And although Squee! is a perfectly valid decision-making factor, I'm veering towards a rather more practical factor, namely Usefulness. Right now, I've got plenty of good two-piece costumes, and it's time to think about making another Baladi costume. Another useful item would be a loose cover-up. The gloriously hideous green & white cover-up from Yasser's is mostly fine, but it looks *very* weird over the Turquoise Flower costume, with bumps and lumps all over!


I think I'm going to make the Chinese Silk cover-up next. I've got everything I need for it, so I'm good to go.

Then there are still some costume storage bags needed. Again, I've got all the supplies I need.

And then I need to think about what sort of Baladi outfit I want to make. My stash includes:
- black sparkly knit - it's *very* sparkly and I've got plenty of it
- pink foil - again, it's nice and shiny, and I've got tons of it, but it's only a 2-way stretch, so not as forgiving of my sewing skills, or my body
- red & white mesh - I've got enough of it to make a baladi dress, but it would need shorts or something underneath. But I've already got white shorts for the White Baladi Costume, so that's not so much of an issue. In fact, I could use the White Baladi bra & belt with it! I'm starting to convince myself...


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