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JoY- Eman debrief

It was, as ever, a JoY! It really is the friendliest, nicest festival ever.

I loved being able to spend time with artemisia_danst and diva_c, and I had fun in all the Eman workshops I did.

The first workshop, "Aim High" was all about arms & upper body carriage, and I gained so much from it. And of course, seeing Eman dancing is always a well-spring of inspiration and happiness. She is just so joyous when she's dancing.

The Beading workshop was brilliant too. Again, very inspirational, and for me personally, very empowering. I'm slowly building up my costume-making skills, and I think I'm getting there with the Construction element. My weakness is the Decoration element. I just didn't know what I was doing when it came to Embellishment, and this workshop has pointed out to me that actually, I *do* have the skills, because my bit of beading was pretty good, all things considered. Not perfect, but good enough. The things I could already do, I was able to do competently and fairly quickly, and the techniques that were new to me, I felt I picked up well enough to carry out reasonably well at that time. My camera isn't brilliant when it comes to close detail, but I'll try & post a picture of my Sampler later!

The Sunday workshops weren't quite so good for me. The Costume Design workshop wasn't so well structured, Eman worked more on specific individuals, without making it generic enough for those of us who didn't get the benefit of that individual attention to benefit from. I gleaned a couple of very minor nuggets of construction advice, but mostly it was a bit meh for me. That's OK, it was only one hour session, it didn't cost me much, I don't consider it too much of a disappointment. The Sunday dance workshop, "A Touch of Glamour" was wonderful, I loved the music Eman used, and I loved how she was interpreting it, but the room was not organised, no rows, just people milling and trying to follow Eman, and in the end, I decided I was fed up with trying to follow, when I couldn't see a thing, and I sat & took notes for most of it, which for me was just as useful as actually doing the dancing all the way through. When I'm note-taking, I don't just watch the teacher, I watch how the students are reacting. It was quite amusing to see how few people were *actually* copying Eman's styling! I know it's not easy to copy footwork, or exact technique, and I know there's a lot of not-so-great posture out there, but it's like many of them weren't even *seeing* what Eman was doing with her arms. It's probably that, for many, they just don't have a very strong kinaesthetic sense, and what they're doing feels like it's what Eman is doing, even though it's quite far from it. I forget how easy it is to lose that awareness of what your body is doing!



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Apr. 23rd, 2012 03:03 pm (UTC)
sounds like an awesome weekend! *iz jelluz* I love to see the picture of the sampler. I'm a little bit disappointed that the design workshop was so focused on individuals, I was hoping for secret rules of the trade and such.

amen to copying the styling, though I have to admit that I can see it in others, and have no clue about what I look like if there are no mirrors present. I'm so glad that we have video camera's so I can cringe in the privacy of my own home afterwards.
Apr. 23rd, 2012 03:21 pm (UTC)
It was a fab weekend wasn't it.
I loved Emans workshop but she really does need an organiser.
That Sunday workshop made me realise I just selfishly wanted her to myself so I could stop her when I see something fab and get to do it again and a mirror so I could check my own flailing. I am definately going to book a class with her in Feb and possibly October if I have time.
Apr. 23rd, 2012 11:14 pm (UTC)
Yeah... I think arms are the first thing we all tend to drop when we're doing something unfamiliar in the body. I know IIII do. But if you're aiming to learn about the upper body and arms that's kind of what you'd hope some were doing.

I do also think a lot of people go to workshops to learn a piece and will not necessarily work on exact copying, not if it's a choreo. Not enough time to nut out exactly WHAT that dancer is doing. But I also know that with a dancer I really admire and want to learn from, their styling as well as their moves is the thing I'll be watching like a hawk.
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