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Arabesque Nights- The Vintage Night

I think it was unfortunate that a lot of people had pulled out of performing. Including me- I still feel guilty about this, given how the show turned out. This presumably was the reason why there were a lot of not-at-all-Vintage performances.

diva_c did a lovely Sahar Hamdi, but sadly the information about Sahar didn't get read out before the actual performance, so I suspect the audience didn't have the chance to understand and appreciate it, or indeed enjoy its unrestrained charms!

I think the Vintage Night worked last year, because Natalie had been quite specific about who was doing what. Also, she'd planned her teaching around it, and had a couple of student numbers choreographed for the show. This time, she was presumably in the hands of volunteer dancers, and she wasn't able to tell them/ask them to work on a particular dancer. This is how you end up with FOUR "Suhair Zaki" numbers, THREE of which are using the same piece of music!

wooglethealien's Suhair was hands down the best, she was the only one who had bothered to tailor her dance style by way of impersonation, and the only one who'd actually done her costume/make up like Suhair. Of the two "house dancers", Firuza made no effort at all to look like Suhair, nor to dance like her. Which is unusual, she is often the dancer who makes the most effort to tie in with the theme of the month. As for Amy, I do think she'd tried to get her dancing to include some Suhair moves, but her own personal style is so far removed from Suhair's own, that it just looked a bit "bolted on", and didn't actually look anything like.

And that was pretty much it. The other performers either didn't bother to go Vintage or if they were trying, it was only half-hearted and ineffectual.

If it were control-freak me in charge of the programming of this show, I'd have insisted on knowing who was doing what and I'd have said to everyone to submit music details at least a month earlier, so that I could be sure of there being no use of the same music, and sure of there not being any clash of who people were doing. Although, if there were people dropping out, and Natalie was having to recruit dancers at fairly short notice, she didn't have much of a choice or much control. But really, she should have told the Resident dancers who to do- she does have some element of control over them. Firuza could have reprised/updated her Nagua Fouad number from last year- it would have been much closer to her own performing style.

I really hope Natalie does another Vintage Night, because it's a great theme. I just hope at the same time that there's a better variety of Vintage Goodness, and a greater commitment by the dancers doing it. (And I hope I can do another Fifi number!)


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May. 5th, 2012 08:43 pm (UTC)
Should I get off the arse and organise a vintage night, Please come and be fifi
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