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Slight skirt rethink

It turns out I haven't got as much pink lycra as I had thought I had. On reflection, I should have known this. I haven't got enough to make a skirt just yet. Although, I'm going to have to make a pink dress for one of my students some time in the next few weeks (oh noez, another trip to fabricland!) and there may possibly be enough leftover fabric from that to make it up.

If I have to defer making the pink skirt, then I may as well defer making the purple one. I should be finished with the bra & belt in the next three or four weeks. I can do the skirts after that. It won't take long when I do get around to it.

So I did more fringing instead. I'm now happily up to 30 inches.

And I have also finished the rope edging for the belt beading, and the bead surround for the BEA lettering. And this evening I shall do more confetti work. I'm trying to make sure I work in little islands, so that if I run out of a particular kind of bead, then it's not going to look like there's a whole section that looks different/odd/wrong.

I'm also thinking ahead to accessories. The idea was to have a skirt & gauntlets in the same pink, but keep them plain, so that they can be mix'n'matched with other bra & belt sets. But I thought I could make a "brooch" in the same confetti beading, diamond shaped, so it matches with the belt, that I could then add to the skirt as & when (or indeed to any other skirt such as, oh, let's say, the purple skirt!). And I want to make another diamond shaped thing, for a hair clip.

Edited to add the pictures from tonight:

The front

The back


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May. 24th, 2012 10:15 am (UTC)
Looking great! I must take some photos of my beading now I am getting on with it.
May. 24th, 2012 11:35 am (UTC)
I'll admit, I'm photographing so that I can see how the beading is progressing. It's good to be able to see where the islands are getting bigger, and I'm looking forward to when they actually start joining up!
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