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BD Trophies

I was judging the Semi-finals of the Bellydance Trophies. It was a fascinating, challenging, gruelling process. The marking sheet was very detailed and it was sometimes difficult to turn one's ideas about "technique" or "stage presence" into actual numbers. There were three judges, plus Farah & Nafiseh on the judges table with us, as moderators. I seemed to be the one who was last with her marking sheet. I tried to add comments to explain when I marked low, or to be positive and say what I particularly liked, which took a while. I felt like I was the Craig Revell Horwood character on the judging table, being tough on technique and interpretation.

It was interesting to see how Farah & Nafiseh run it. At this stage, the competitors were dancing twice, once a piece of their own choosing, and secondly a song imposed by the organisers. There were three imposed songs, one Khaligi, one Moroccan, one Iraqi, i.e. each one of them requiring the competitors to demonstrate headbanging skills, and to dance with a very specific regional/folkloric style. I felt the imposed songs were definitely more of a challenge, and while a couple of the performers embraced the imposed style, and looked comfortable and experienced in what they were doing, a lot of it seemed not to come quite as naturally.

The results were a little surprising in the end. My personal opinion would have been slightly different from the overall result. But that's why they have more than one judge!


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Jun. 11th, 2012 11:32 am (UTC)
Did they get to pick their folklore or was it totally imposed? Seems unfair as most people are a lot more familiar with e.g. Khaleegy than with Moroccan so those doing that would be at an advantage?
Jun. 11th, 2012 11:48 am (UTC)
Totally imposed. I agree that Khaligi is a style that more people would be familiar with. But in a way, the unfamiliarity with the other styles was perhaps more of a spur to research/training/practice.

I suspect Moroccan is relatively easy to train up for, I can think of several people I could ask for coaching on Moroccan style. I think the Iraqi would be the toughest to train for, and certainly the more physically demanding of the three styles.

That said, the ones who did the Moroccan did very well with it, and there was only one person doing Iraqi (Hazel) so I suspect that the two that couldn't make it were down to do it.
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