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Raqia Technique DVD marathon

I'm up to #3, and this is the best one so far.

Some interesting things:

* vol 2 is introduced by an English woman, called Alice, with a Northern accent. She was obviously one of Raqia's students when the video was shot, and had been in Egypt for a while. She was living there, she looks like a good dancer, but it wasn't stated whether she was dancing professionally in Cairo. I'm just wondering who on earth she is, because I don't recognise her from anything, and her name's not at all familiar.

* There's a Sa'aidi dance piece on vol 3, by a male dancer, and I swear it's Tito, although he's credited as Ateya. This dvd comes from 1998/9[*].

* I'm becoming obsessed with Raqia's luminous leggings. They are not made of normal lycra, they are made of super-sucky-in lycra. There's absolutely no wobbling of any body tissue whatsoever under those babies. It's like they made the leggings out of the stuff they normally use to make pull-you-in underwear, but somehow in neon pink & neon turquoise...

* Raqia does one of the choreographies in a black Sugar Petals unitard, with a simple red fringe belt. I say "belt", it's just one length of 12" fringe around her hips. It's really effective! I want to make one! There must be a narrow base strip under the top of the fringe, and a hook closure. How difficult could that be?

[*] Not that there's anything on the dvd to say when it was made/filmed. No copyright notice or anything. I'm basing this on the fact that Raqia's teaching the choreo to Maigurakshi that I learned from her at my first workshop with her, in February '99.


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Jun. 25th, 2012 01:26 am (UTC)
Maybe Raqia's leggings are old 80s-style. I remember before cotton lycra was invented common, ALL lycra was shiny and thin, but the lycra content was super high.

They could be Spandex. I am pretty sure the pre-leggings leggings - ie men's footless ballet tights - that I used to wear when I was 9 stone were Spandex and they were INSANE and would fall down without some kind of braces to keep them up, they were so sucky-inny. The only thing that gives me pause there is that I don't think spandex is shiny...
Jun. 25th, 2012 01:45 am (UTC)
Oops - it turns out spandex IS lycra. WHO KNEW? Nothing to see here, move along...
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