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Last night I met up with M, to go to the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum. It was Utter. Shoe. Porn! It was wonderful! There were shoes with flower blossoms embedded in clear resin heels. There were shoes covered with rhinestones. Feathers, ruffles, the googly eyes shoes, studs, spike heels, thigh-high boots covered in fringe that made me think of Horacio and his fringe trousers. Lace made of soft thin leather, pompoms, satin, Mondrian-inspired platforms, shoes made from fish skin (mackerel skin is so pretty). There was a Fetish room with the most astonishing, impossible, outrageous fetish shoes- shoes with no sole, ballet shoes that hold you en pointe, shoes with spikes in the sole and a heel spike that points both down and up ("in these shoes, I doubt you'd survive..."), shoes with heels longer than the shoe itself... There were cute little movies- Loubi's Angels! Loubi dances with showgirls. You can check them out here

I came away thinking that I wanted to decorate all my shoes with diamanté and feathers and ribbons...

We also did a quick whizz through the Designs of the Year exhibit, with particular attention to the Alexander McQueen section. I was gobsmacked by the exhibit showing how the lace for Kate's wedding dress was put together, especially after my own adventures in playing with lace on the Hyacinth Lace costume. And I watched a bit of the video about it. Loved the way the bustle was made- it was hundreds of circles cut out of silk and pulled in at the centre, all sewn onto the silk bustle base- it was *so* soft. The dress itself was a masterpiece of fabric engineering.

Anyway, we went out afterwards, and were chatting about loads of stuff, including dance of course.

One of the things we discussed was the planned return of Planet Egypt. I'm a bit miffed that this new venue is so damn far away. It's much further north than Darbouka was, it really is going to be impossible for me to do it by public transport. However, I now have a car again, so it's possible.

We're going to this 12th July event, The Collaboration. I'm not sure who else will be there, probably the whole London Bellydance crowd!

I got some more beading done on the student baladi dress, on the train journeys and while I was waiting for M. I was adding some tusk sequin dangles at the hem, because the dress had turned out a bit short. I'm all done with the routine beading on this now. Today I've got to do the final bits of embellishment: some crystals at the neckline, some ribbon decoration at the sides (I've already prepped the ribbons, adding a diamanté trimming), some long bead dangles in the side splits, and more rhinestones. It's very nearly finished. I'm hoping to get that done today. I've got tomorrow available if need be.


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Jun. 28th, 2012 01:10 pm (UTC)
Those shoes sound AMAZING!
Jun. 28th, 2012 01:11 pm (UTC)
I wish I could send Wigglewhiz to it, virtually of course.
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