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Mirage done good

We were dancing at an Adult Ed Dance Showcase this evening. There were 8 of us, which is a fairly presentable turnout.

I had volunteered to bring shiny stuff for a display, so I took along a couple of costumes and hip scarves, and I also took along a bundle of Shimmy in the City flyers, because I knew there would be a load of bellydance students there and I like to share information, I'm good like that!

As soon as we got in to the hall where the performances were taking place, my students got unnerved by the fact that the performance space had been set up in a corner area, rather than flat on, so they'd be dancing on a diagonal rather than to a flat wall. For some reason, this threw them completely off their stride, so I made them walk through the routine in the space, so they could get their bearings. If I had a full time troupe, and if I had plenty of space, I'd have made them rehearse the piece facing in different directions, so they didn't have a "comfort zone" of Always Facing The Mirror. But I have neither of those luxuries, so a walk-through was as good as they were going to get.

Fortunately, it was enough. We danced well, kept to formation, some of us even smiled. We were on first, which meant they were able to see the other pieces. It wasn't a long show. And despite the fact that there are *loads* of different dance classes put on by Surrey ACL, only three teachers actually put students forward, and all of us were Bellydance teachers! I wish I knew why the other teachers didn't put anyone forward. Hopefully next year... I shall be ready for it!

In addition to the student performances, there was a solo from me, a demonstration from the new Just Jhoom[*] teacher, and a mini Zumba session.

As it was a fairly short show, I was home good & early! And since a lot of us were driving, the wine that I brought for post-performance relaxation was scarcely touched, so I'm drinking it now, on behalf of all the drivers.

[*] For anyone who doesn't know, Just Jhoom is a Bollywood-based dancercise thing that seems to have developped in the last couple of years here. The lady doing the demo said it's the only accredited Bollywood dance course in the world, even in India.


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Jun. 30th, 2012 03:42 am (UTC)
Sounds like a wonderful evening
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