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One neckstrap done

I've got the left neckstrap beaded.

Neckstrap beading begins

I'd originally decided that I was only going to edge-bead the top & bottom of the bra cups, not the outer edges. I think my rationale was that those edges wouldn't be seen anyway, because of the baladi dress covering them. But today I decided it looked a bit weird for those edges not to be beaded. So I'm going ahead and beading them.

I'm also reconsidering the way I will be beading the dress (and possibly the scarves). I'd kind of planned on the basic cup sequin, 5 beads, cup sequin formation. But now, having seen the edge beading on the bra (cup sequin, pearl, 2 beads formation) I think it looks good and will work for the dress edges.

I was also planning on doing the classic spiral formation for adding the big coin sequins to the dress and scarves, but now I think I'm going to reflect the way I've added the dangles on the bra. You may not have noticed particularly, as it is rather a big ole wall of fringe effect on the bra! But the dangles have been added in clumps of three, with varying lengths of bead drop. Again, I like that it reflects the print, in a subliminal way! So I'm trying to figure out how I can do a similar thing for the dress and scarf dangles. It may mean using rather more supplies than I'd originally thought, but I don't mind. This one's Worth It!

And now, I've got to try & get to Anne's Pre-Planet-Egypt-Relaunch Collaboration thing. I haven't navigated around Swiss Cottage for years, hope it's not hugely different these days!


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Jul. 12th, 2012 08:26 pm (UTC)
I like the extra beading a lot.
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