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Silk Route

I realise I didn't post about dancing at Silk Route on Sunday. I have to confess I was in a bit of a daze. I'd had two days of dance workshops, and the drive to Balham was stressful, partly because I wasn't sure exactly how I was getting there, and partly because the traffic was very busy, and I hadn't had enough sleep for the two previous nights.

The audience was sparse. I've seen it a lot busier.

I did a Baladi set first, Mashrabsh il shay, followed by a Nai Taqsim. I was freaked when my piece was introduced as the Latin-inspired number that I was doing in the Second Part. I wasn't dressed for it! But I was by the sound desk, and Michelle confirmed it was the Baladi set that was lined up, so I was reassured, and went up to get on with it. I suspect that Mashrabsh il Shay confused the hell out of the audience. For a kick off, they were expecting Latin-Egyptian fusion, which this patently wasn't; to continue, the introduction I'd written for this piece obviously hadn't been read out, so they didn't understand the context at all. But, what the hell, there was nothing I could do about that.

The second set was Angham al Chebab, which was the Latin inspired number, to meet the Brazilian/Samba theme. As its introduction had already been read out, it didn't get much of a talk up!

I doubt I danced in a particularly exciting or inspired way. I think I was ok, but only ok. I kept thinking "I should include some of the new technique from Yasmina" but it's not fully integrated into my vocabulary yet.

I was so tired though, I was nearly dropping off after I danced. I watched some of the other performances, but mostly I just wanted to get dressed, and go home. I felt bad about dancing and running. I had to have the fan blowing cold air at me all the way home, and loud rock music blaring, for fear of falling asleep at the wheel.



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Jul. 17th, 2012 07:43 am (UTC)
I admit to being sightly confused as you started.... I still enjoyed what I saw of your dancing though. It was a big dance weekend that one which I expect (on top of everything else in the world at the moment) contributed to the lack of attendees.
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