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Lornafest Part 1

I had a superb time today at the Cambridge workshops with Lorna.

What I *love* about Lorna as a teacher is that she is so very analytical! You want to know how to work with musical accents? Lorna will give you twelve different ways! From the ways you always knew and are your "comfort zone", to the ways you might use if you remembered, to the ways that hadn't occurred to you, to the ways that would *never in a million years* have occurred to you.

I was slightly hijacked half way through the second workshop, by a headache/nausea, and had to sit it out, but I took copious notes, and kept well out of the way of the others.

After the workshop me & evil_spice & Lorna hung out, went to ES's local, went to the station, only to find we'd just missed the train, so we went to a different pub, this time near the station. Lorna & I did manage to catch the next train back into London, and I got home before midnight.

So I'm looking forward to Lornafest Part 2, in August! To include wild and crazy Sa'aidi!

I got a fair bit of edge beading done on the galabeya- I'm on the second side-split. I'm having to revise my estimate of how long this costume is going to take to finish. I'd hoped it would be done by the end of July. I'm pretty sure I can get the dress done by then, but I'm not so sure about the hip scarf and head scarf. I'm off to France on Wednesday and won't be back till 31st. I'll be taking the sewing with me (perhaps not onto the plane itself- they get funny about sharp things like needles and scissors!) to do as much as I can while I'm away.

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