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Having a lovely long dance weekend

Last night was the School Outing, going with my students to Sheesh Mangal Turkish restaurant for a meal and to watch Nafiseh dancing. Coming home to diva_c who'd arrived a bit late and wasn't able to come to the restaurant with us :(

And tonight was a splendid night at Saqarah, with Lorna starring, and other lovely dancers. I'll try to draft a proper post about that, tomorrow. I thought Lorna was dancing particularly well- I loved her Sa'aidi, and her finale, to Lissa Fakr, was magnificent and beautiful and I was literally moved to tears, and I *never* cry at beautiful dancing. I told Lorna how beautiful it was, and was clearly still a bit emotional about it and she gave me a big big hug!

My dancing was ok. My hip belt fell off (it got a cheer!), and I couldn't remember half of my choreography, but I know the music well enough to be able to wing it when I couldn't remember it. So I think I did ok. It wasn't one of those Mezag performances, though.

It was disgustingly hot, and I'm surprised my make up didn't slip off my face (hooray for mac). I wore my yellow lily hair flower for the first time, and it's inspiring me to deal with the Mandy Lilification Project as soon as I'm finished with the 5-a-day (whenever that may be).


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