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The To Do List

I was due to teach a Taster workshop in Woking this morning. Woking Adult Learning Centre is easy to get to if you're driving, a bit of a pain if you're on public transport. As it happens, my car has been making worrying noises and last night it started making them more of the time, so I decided the first thing I would do is drop it into the garage, and get them to look at it, while it's still under warranty. Unfortunately that wouldn't have given me enough time to get the train to Woking, and walk/taxi to the Centre in time for the workhop, so I got a taxi straight there, at a cost of £15, and figured I could take the train back, which would be cheaper, and I had plenty of time for.

I got to the Centre, and the carpark was looking distressingly empty of cars. On Reception, I was told the workshop had been cancelled, and they *thought* they'd left me a message. Well I certainly hadn't received any message (obviously!). But actually they were very nice about it, and gave me my £15 back out of petty cash, and one of the receptionists even drove me back to the station, which saved me a half hour walk, and actually it free'd me up to do a load of stuff in town that I needed to do today. I whizzed through my To Do List like a great big Doing thing!

And it's a good job, because I was suddenly presented with a new load of stuff to do this afternoon. As one of the ACL Mentors/Obervers, my paperwork is supposed to be bang up to date and exemplary. One of my curriculum leaders has just asked if they can use copies of our recent paperwork to be able to show other tutors in the curriculum team meetings in September.

This presents me with something of a problem, because last term's paperwork was spectacularly non-existent! I had all the upset of Mum dying at Easter time, and all the paperwork that I should have got set up then just didn't happen... I had a rough draft of the term's Scheme of Work set up and I was working from that. All my Lesson Plans were handwritten, rather than being neatly typed up in regulation format. I didn't fancy the thought of trying to reconstitute all of last term's paperwork from all the various scrappy places that I'd got it noted.

So I thought, Aha! I can use the Spring Term's paperwork, because that was ACE! I'd kept it all up to date and beautiful, and I'd got lovely annotated notes on the Scheme, to show how it was a working document, and self-evaluation on the lesson plans, and detailed class profile, and everything... Only I did a load of tidying stuff up before diva_c visited, and I've gone & put it all Somewhere Safe, and I'm blowed if I can find it.

On balance it's probably going to be slightly less work to reconstitute the Spring term paperwork than the Summer Term one, because that's at least a stronger starting point. But reconstitute it I shall have to...

On a more positive note, I've worked out my Packing List for going off to Sharm el Sheikh next week (next week! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This time next week, I shall hopefully be getting ready to go out to a dance show!), so that was a big thing crossed off the To Do List. And another thing was sending off my cheque for JoY. So lets be thankful for the positives!

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