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Today's things

This afternoon, I picked up my car from the garage, where they had fixed the rear brakes. It was under warranty for most of the work, I ended up paying something like £12 for the tiny bit that wasn't covered by the warranty. It's quite extraordinary how concerned I felt about not having my car over the weekend, when I've spent the last 2 years without any car at all!

I phoned the GSA about the possibility of hiring a studio for private classes, but they are not playing ball. The Sports Park deal is very much a special deal, and they don't rent out to outsiders, as they need all that studio space for students to practice Acting, Singing and Dancing. Damn them! I've got a call in to Guildford College, which apparently has three dance studios, and *are* willing to hire them out. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me, please! The college would be fab, as it's literally five minutes' walk from my flat! And if I can't get in there, then I don't really know of any other dance specific studios that I can approach in Gfd. There may be gym studios, but they're often busy during weekday evenings, teaching aerobics and pilates and stuff.

I booked my taxi home from the airport for when I get back from holiday today. My plane home arrives at 1.45am in the middle of the night, Friday of next week. I'd been debating with myself whether to book a hotel at Gatwick, but it would be outrageously expensive and I'd still have to get home from the airport. So a taxi pickup seems the perfect solution. It will get me straight home to sleep in my own bed, and I will have the experience of walking out of Arrivals, to spot my name on a clipboard.

I've got all my Farnham classes paperwork done, Beginners and Improvers. This is a big deal! I've just seen some paperwork from a colleague, who's also a Mentor & Observer, like me, and has just had to do the same business about sending in a copy of her paperwork, as an example. She teaches Bridge. Her paperwork is *way* simpler than mine!

I'm really excited about the holiday! I know Sharm will be nothing on earth like Cairo, but it will be fun!


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Aug. 23rd, 2012 12:27 pm (UTC)
Fingers crossed for that studio!!!
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