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My Last Night

I spent the day lounging around the pool. I did have the intention of going out to the Old Market again, but decided I couldn't be bothered! The hotel had another Oriental Show on tonight, so I decided I'd stay in & watch that in comfort.

The pool has been very interesting to lounge around. The hotel has guests of lots of different nationalities. There are Egyptians here and the hegabi ladies don't let a little thing like what they wear interfere with having a good time. They get into the water for a swim (or a bob about) in full hegab, regardless. Some of the younger girls wear a sort of leggings/tunic top combo (with or without a swimsuit over the top of it) and a big loose swimming cap. See, you can be modest and still lark about in the pool!

There are also a fair few Russians/people from the Baltic states (I'm sorry, I can't tell the linguistic difference). I found it rather amusing that my holiday reading has been Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, all about the Cold War and spying against the Russians!

There are a couple of Danish girls with MEGA blingy fake nails. Like 2 inches long and covered in diamanté! Superb!

Anyway, tonight's show. I was thinking it might be the same two dancers from earlier in the week. Which would have been ok, but it would be more fun to see different dancers. This time the tannoura guy came on first, and it was the same one as before. But it was different bellydancer. She was a bit older (I'm guessing) and while she may not have been so technical, she was a good entertainer, engaging with the audience and looking like she was enjoying herself. I tried to take pictures or even video, but was thwarted by people getting in my way! I am clearly not pushy enough! Still I managed to get a photo afterwards, while she was trying to dash away!



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