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Arabesque Nights - a late recap

I had a nice evening at Arabesque Nights on Thursday. The Music Bar at the Gunnersbury has changed formation somewhat. It seems like a smaller space, but I don't know if that will be permanent. Or it may just be a bit of an optical illusion...

Tribal Babylon - first time performing, acquitted themselves well. It looks like they're back next month.
Dunya - did a good Oriental number and also a good Turkish Rom number. The only thing I would criticise is that you don't need a "storyline" to make the dance work. You *can* do a dance without it having to be duelling bellydancers or both fighting over the same man. That can get very old very quickly.
Desiree Da Silva - nice enough Oriental, but needs more audience connection. However, awesome high heels.
Duo - Layla and Victoria - Student duet, pretty and fun.
Giselle Castro - Lots of hairography! She is definitely one who dances AT you, rather than for you.
Brixton Amar - Teachers and Student Troupe. The students did a good job, and the teachers did a drum solo. The teacher who's not Eva(?) needs to put some make up on when she's performing.
Firuza - Resident Dancer- did a dragonfly dance(?) and a tabla solo. Still not a strong enough dancer to justify her appearing Every. Single. Time.
Asmaa Zafeera - nice Sa'aidi with cane, and if I were several inches taller and several stones lighter, I'd be mugging her for that costume!
Natalie - did the Yasmina Waheshni Ya Habibi choreography (or a version of it!) and did a great job of it! It's the best I've seen her dancing.

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