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Happy teacher!

I love it when lessons work out well!

Tonight's beginners class was a good start. We weren't working on anything particularly earth-shattering, but the students were enthusiastic and dealing well with the Technique work, and enjoying the beginnings of the choreography we're working on. Several of them have signed up for the Meal Out next month, and they seem to be chatting between themselves, and gelling as a group. This makes me happy.

Then it was the Improvers/Intermediates class. I inflicted strong muscular Camels/Undulations upon them, which they may all regret tomorrow morning! Then we worked on Sagat, just easy-peasy 1234 stuff, to get us all back into playing with them. I've learned that the best way with teaching sagat is not to over-think it, but to get going on it, keeping it really simple to start, and then adding extras. So we started with simple walking and dinging On The Beat. Then doubling up the dinging, while keeping the walking pace the same, making sure the arms get moved about at the same time... It's not easy, but everybody was giving it full effort. Then I made them change the walking pattern into a grapevine, and then forward-back steps, then I moved on to simple dance moves- hip drops, figure 8s, circles, and so on... So that by the end of that section of the class, they felt like they'd actually done some dancing. And *then* we moved on to the choreography which developped from cute to downright cheesey! But in a good way! And we are now Very Nearly Finished. I promised them that they would have learned the choreo within six weeks, and 5 weeks in, I'm right on track! Hipnotic, here we come!

We have two new additions to Mirage, so I will need to make a couple of baladi dresses for them. This will involve a visit to Fabricland, which is always risky, in that I may find myself tempted to buy more fabric. Which I really don't need!


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