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Tonight's class report

I'm shattered from teaching! I think part of the shatteredness arises from the fact that the heating is on full, and I get rilly rilly hot! I'm choosing to view this as the bellydance equivalent of bikram yoga.

I wish I was better at remembering my own choreography. El Hantour is looking great, but each time I dance it, I forget a different bit. But it's going to look splendid on Sunday at Hipnotic.

I'm also really pleased at how well everyone's taken to the sagat work. Everyone seems to be dinging in time (it's hard to be certain on this), whilst actually moving, so that's got to be a good thing.

And my Beginners class seemed to have handled the first bit of Improv I threw at them pretty well, and even enjoyed it. Admittedly it's very very structured improv, scarcely any thinking required. But I hope I'm getting them started on a lifetime of lovin' the Improv.

Tonight and tomorrow, I've got a shedload of sewing to do. I've done one of the Mirage baladi dresses. I've just got to finish a short bit of edge beading and then apply some big pink sequins to the sleeves and hem. Then I've got to make the second dress, edge bead it (maybe the same, maybe a bit different, I haven't entirely decided). I'm hoping that I can get the dress made up so that the student who's having it can try it on at rehearsal tomorrow, and then get it all beaded and finished so that I can hand it over to her at rehearsal on Thursday. This may possibly mean not actually sleeping.


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Nov. 21st, 2012 04:34 am (UTC)
Send me some of that heat! The rear furnace in the holistic center has gone out so we've been running classes all week in a cold studio.

Last night they attempted to give us small space heaters to plug in around the room, but all they did was trip the circuits.

Turns out the studio's outlets aren't on any of the circuits that we can access on the panel, so now we're without heat OR outlets (you know... to run the stereo?). At least the lights still work!
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