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So, the weekend

It was fun, all apart from about two hours of stress on the Sunday night.

The trip up North was fine, and I had taken my unfinished baladi dress (the one I was supposed to be wearing on the Sunday) to try and get it a bit more finished. I got most of the edge-beading that I wanted to do. Since that effectively meant that at least the blasted thing was now hemmed, that was a good thing in itself.

I reached Hessle in good time, and found a pub to have a quick bite to eat in, before getting to the Town Hall for the Haflah itself. I *loved* the haflah. It was great to see a whole load of New-To-Me dancers. It made me realise how much I see a lot of the same dancers a lot of the time, when I'm closer to home.

I also have a *massive* chunk of respect for Sandra, whose haflah it was. It was largely a students show, showcasing the work her students have done in class. There must have been at least 10 different class numbers that she choreographed and quite often was dancing in. I don't know how she remembers them all. Special love goes out for her Beatles Medley Tap Dance number, Sandra looked disturbingly authentic in her Sargeant Pepper gear!

There were also solos from a couple of her students, and invited friends like me. I loved Clare Stobbs' Hassan Ya Khoulli, which was veh veh cute! And I loved Siobhan's Ayila Tayha, which she was dancing on still-poorly feet. I was dancing El Hantour, and despite a slight technical hitch where the venue's crappy CD player didn't recognise my burned CD, remedied by someone having it on their ipod, I thought I did ok.

I was staying overnight with Sandra, and we were watching Strictly Come Dancing and passing our expert judgement, which seems to me to be the main purpose of watching SCD. Then we chatted, and chatted, and chatted... Right up until I realised it was gone 5.30am. I did remember to set my phone alarm, and I think I got around 4 hours sleep.

The next day, Sandra's husband kindly gave me a lift to Hull railway station for 11.40, which was when I thought the cheap train to London would be, however that's when I found out that the cheap train was actually at 2.30. Never mind, I changed my plans so that instead of going home to Guildford and driving to Reading for Hipnotic, I'd go straight through to Reading. No probs, and there was a nice warm waiting room where I could carry on with the beading. What with that and the train down to Kings Cross, I got all the beading done that I'd planned. I was adding sequins and glass beads to the hem, to make the length work better. The dress is a bit short on me, and I figured the weight of the beads would hold it down, and the sequins add another 3 centimetres to the hem. Behold the new beading:

Baladi dress hem

Anyway, all went well right up until I tried to catch a Reading train at Paddington. I got on the 18.03. This was pretty crowded, but I figured I didn't mind sitting on the floor of the vestibule, since it would get me where I wanted to be in good time. It didn't leave. This is when the stress started. There was no "train manager" (guard, I suppose, in my old-fashioned vocabulary). I texted a couple of my students to let them know I'd be running late, but I would definitely be there. By 18.30, the driver told us to go catch the 18.33 instead. Well that would have been fine & dandy if we hadn't been trying to load two over-full trains-worth of passengers onto one train. That wasn't going to happen. Stress! I managed to get onto the 18.43 which was a slower stopping train, and was also pretty full, though I was able to get a seat, trapped between two sets of ADHD children. The 18.43 was late leaving, and travelled through to the outskirts of London at slower than walking pace... More stress! Eventually, we got to Reading station at about half past 7, and I was able to get a taxi to Hipnotic.


I was still a bit travel-frazzled, and I could have wished for a bit more than 4 hours of sleep, but I enjoyed Hipnotic. Lots of people there that I could have chatted to all night. And Mirage did fine. In fact they'd been working on a back-up plan for just in case I didn't make it. Of course, they are perfectly capable of dancing without me, and it would have been kinda fun to be the fly on the wall if I'd not been there to dance with them! But I was and I think it all went well (I'm waiting on video footage to make a final judgement on exactly how we did!)

I enjoyed all the other performances (though I missed a couple while I was changing). I got a couple of moments of flashback from the Saturday night, as Tracey's group were dancing to Hassan Ya Khoulli, and Trish was reprising her Doctorin' the Tardis number that she'd used at the haflah!

So all was fine, in the end.



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Nov. 27th, 2012 05:43 pm (UTC)
Whew, what a weekend!
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