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I had a train journey up to the Midlands to see my Uni mates, which is always fun. And it's nice to remember that I do actually have a life outside of dance, and at least *some* friends who aren't dancers!

Anyway, it meant that I got a load of planning stuff done, ready for next term and indeed the Summer term. Not just vague ideas of what I want to cover, but actual detailed week by week plans. Now all I've got to do is transfer my grubby little scrawls into beautiful typed-up Schemes of Work, in the correct format with well drafted SMART targets and so on... Honestly, being a role model/mentor means that I have to keep right on top of these things!

For my Improver/Intermediates class, I had decided that we'd do another Learn It In 6 Weeks choreography. Admittedly, this was principally a result of ellariaal putting them in the running for performing again at Hipnotic in May, but it was not a bad thing. And really, we've got more than 6 weeks, and although I'd like to make it more complicated, it's probably best not to.

I wanted to go back to doing something more classical and beautiful, rather than cute and fun pop baladi, if only to prove that I can. I decided to revisist Kahramana, which has that lovely Golden Age charm, but is not tooooo serious (and I'm going to retain a small element of Cute with it, on the basis that it is in keeping with the movie. So I now need to work out if I'm sticking with my original choreography for it, or what I might want to change about it. I like the beginning and the end, but there's a bit in the middle that I wasn't 100% happy with at the time, and that might be getting a makeover.

So that's the plan.

Also for artemisia_danst and ondineblue, I've finalised some workshop topics for you, will be typing up and sending shortly, probably Monday.


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