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Shopping and Show

A while ago, one of my students, who had learned that Brighton Orient could see people at her studio, suggested a school shopping trip to Brighton Orient. I made a counter-suggestion that actually Brighton Orient are quite pricey, and perhaps a more affordable shopping trip could be made to Bellydance Boutique, who are nearer, and incidentally run by a friend of mine! So I did a bit of date-checking with Chris of Bellydance Boutique, and we settled on yesterday. It was also the date of her Christmas Student performance, so she suggested that my students and I could take part in the performance, which was nice of her.

So that's what we did. The shopping part of the day was quite good fun, though hardly any of my students tried on the beautiful costumes. Sadly there weren't any big costumes for me to try on (there never are :-( it's a massive shame!). Also, I'm conscious that I will be off to Cairo in three months time, so I might as well buy stuff there, not here! However, it was interesting to see what sort of costume items my students were interested in, and it inspired me to think about the next troupe costume. They've got baladi dresses, so that side of things is covered, but I'd like them to have a reasonably priced Oriental option. But that's for another post sometime.

The shopping had started at 3pm, and the student show was at 6pm. At 5.30, when we got to do our run-through, we were one student down on my expected numbers, but it was ok and the formation would still work. She made it by the skin of her teeth, at around 5.50!

Mirage were dancing El Hantour, which is a nice fun bit of sha'abi, not too serious. I was at the front, so I've no idea how everyone else did. Although everyone always tells me that they got a bit wrong afterwards. It's ok, it was a student show and very relaxed and low-pressure, and it's not the sort of dance that has to be perfect anyway.

I solo'd with Da Ainu Miny, which I'm loving more and more as a song. It's so lush.

And afterwards, we adjourned to the pub next door! Perfect!

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