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Goals for this year

These are not resolutions. They're more ideas about what I want to try & do, to move forward. I may succeed, I may not, but it's always good to have a plan, even if you do veer away from it.

- try to practise daily (the HH group on Facebook is helping with this)
- start going to a pilates class, for core strength
- work on my flexibility generally. I've now got a physio appointment for my shoulder issue, and given that I'm turning 50 this year, I want to try at least to maintain my flexibility generally, but hopefully improve it.
- keep performing. I'm not going to go all-out at it, like I did last year, but I have always maintained that Dance is a Performing Art, you have to perform it, practising at home doesn't really cut it. So performing in public remains an essential.

- keep on top of the moodles for both Farnham classes
- encourage at least some of the intermediate students to think about soloing.
- develop the Guildford classes and gain new students

Costuming and Craft
- re costuming, get three more proper costumes made for myself, sticking to the One Project At A Time rule, because it works for me. I've got my list, which, like many of my plans, may end up being slightly adapted, but it *is* a plan.
- continue with my Make Something Every Month, because I've enjoyed that particular personal challenge
- de-rustify my tatting skills and actually use them for something useful or beautiful. Actually, I was thinking the other day that I could definitely use the tatting within a costume context, for a lace decorated costume. But it might take a very long time!

That's plenty to be going on with for now!

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