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Teaching last night

Last night was my first night of teaching after the Christmas break. It went well, I thought. Nothing amazing, but generally well-delivered and well-received.

I'm experimenting with teaching less. Meaning, not trying to pack so much into the lesson plan. I teach the Improver/Intermediates class for 1½ hours, and I've always worked on the basic lesson plan of Warm Up-Three Main Topics-Cool Down/Stretch. The main topics would normally include Technique, Interpretation (whether that's working on a routine or improvisation), Special Skills (props, or a specific style, or another interpretation skill, whatever). I decided to try out just working on two main topics, thus allowing us to work on things in greater depth, and to help me stop feeling like I'm cutting the third topic short because of spending rather too long on topics #1 & #2. So far (on a sample of one), it seems to be effective. It's an experiment, and I will be checking along the way whether the students feel like they're being short-changed at all. We'll see how it goes.

The classes are both a bit smaller. I've got one new Beginner, who was brought along by one of my existing beginners, which is gratifying- it's always nice when students recommend you! And in the Improver/Intermediates class I've got a student re-enrolling who I thought had given it up, so again, that's gratifying.

On a non-teaching but vaguely dance-related thing, yesterday was a Pilates Fail, unfortunately. I'd signed up for the Beginners class at Guildford Adult Learning Centre, which was supposed to run 2.45 till 3.45, according to the brochure. Unfortunately no-body realised at the time I was handing over my money, that the tutor teaching this class had changed the timing to 4.15-5.15. So I turned up at 2.45 only to be told the revised timings. I had plans for the later part of the afternoon, so I couldn't make it to the re-timed class. To be honest the re-timed class is going to be quite a pain in the derriere, as it will mean I can't get to Farnham early to practise and to video stuff for the classes. But I'll see if I can't work something out.



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Jan. 10th, 2013 08:50 am (UTC)
Interesting how you have three topics in your lesson plan, I like to hear more about your experiments with how you set up your class. Does this mean that you do 1 move in technique, then use that move in itnerpretation, then show how you can use this move combined with a prop/style?

My class set-up is more focused around choreography, meaning we take three basic moves that are related to eachother, we put it into a combination, we then add it to the chore. They get an interpretation assignment in small groups afterwards to let the movement sink in. My theme runs over 6-7 classes.

I like the idea of using a different theme every class, might try that with my intermediates next semester.
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