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I'm not dead

Class got cancelled yesterday, because of snow. Actually, strictly speaking *one* class got cancelled, half way through the first class. I'd got myself to Farnham good & early, partly because of needing to get some photocopying done there, partly because I didn't want to drive, so I was going by train and I didn't want delayed trains to make me late. The snow was starting to settle, and the lady staffing the Centre was worried about everyone (including herself!) getting home safe.

As it happened, only one of the Beginners (out of 7) actually made it to class. It was quite fortuitous, because she's one of the brand new beginners, and she'd missed the first Recap session, on circles & figure 8s, so I was able to go through them with her. She's going to be fine, I think. She was also worried about getting home safely, and was finding the one-to-one a bit intense, so she left a bit early, which allowed me to do a round of ringing/texting all the Improver students to confirm the Centre was closed and there'd be no class.

It was a bit of a relief, I have to say. I'd discovered before class that I'd got *zero* energy. I'd intended to do a bit of video'd dance practice, before class but realised that I was exhausted, and I couldn't even manage an eating sweets sugar rush to pep me up. I've no idea how that happened, but as I say, it was kind of a relief that I didn't have to be doing much actual dancing.

Anyway, I did manage a little bit of dance practice before class. I liked what I did, it felt good, right, just tiring. I video'd it, and I'll take a proper look at it in a day or two. I find it best not to watch myself immediately after I've filmed it! A couple of days distance makes it much easier to watch it dispassionately.

Oh, and a little bit of self-congratulatory back-patting- the reason I needed to go in early to do some photocopying was because my Curriculum Manager phoned me up to say she needed a sample of a good course file, for records purposes (also, I suspect, as ammo when dealing with tutors who are not so good with their paperwork!), and she knew I would have one! So could I do a copy of mine, and leave it for her to pick up. *buffs nails on lapel* But of course, Jo, no problemo! The sad thing is, my two course files are in excellent nick and I didn't even have to do the slightest bit of updating or strategic editing. Class profile with detailed notes on each student- check! Scheme of Work, with additional working notes scribbled on it- check! Lesson Plans with post-class updates scrawled on it, and self-evaluation notes- check! I'm too nerdy for comfort!

Today is perhaps going to be a sewing day. Tomorrow is Singin' in the Rain day (squeeeee!!!!!!!!) and Friday is Physio day. I'm praying for no more snow.

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