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Hipnotic thoughts

Two themes arose from last night's Hipnotic- Arms, and For Heaven's Sake Slow It Down!

This is something that teachers need to teach. And it's going to make me *keep* banging on about Arms in class for evah!!!
The problem I was seeing with arms last night was lack of commitment. It's as though arms have been choreographed in, but simply as a convenient way of keeping them out of harm's way, while the actual dancing is being done.
Arms need Energy. That doesn't mean a mass of whirling windmilling semaphore, it means giving them a strong base (i.e. a strong back), it means that they are held in tone (i.e. not allowed to droop), and it means they are treated as fully part of the dance, not just an add-on. To be honest, even if you only manage the strong back and not drooping, it will look as though you managed the third.


For Heaven's Sake Slow It Down!
There were two Baladi numbers, and I heartily approve of this, BUT!!!! For Heaven's Sake Slow It Down! Both performances were so rushed and trying to pack too much into them. Or being too literal with the music. It *is* possible to put in a ton of impressive technique, and include fast moves, but you need to hear the underlying pace of the music, the breath of it. Too often dancers are hearing the top layer of the music, the bit with all the twiddly widdly embellishment, without figuring out that there's a slower deeper heartbeat to it, and once you tune in to *that*, then your dancing will be so much more Real.


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