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Bead woes averted!

This morning has mostly been beading, to see what's going to work for the Hallo Sailor costume.

Things I have learned:
1. The clear seed beads I'd thought might look grubby look absolutely fine. Yay!
2. I'm going to need some 12mm diameter round sew on crystals in red. It took a bit of searching to find what I needed and could get hold of quickly, but MacCulloch & Wallis to the rescue. They may be a bit pricey compared to getting Ebay stuff from China, but I stand a good chance of getting them by next weekend.
3. My S scrolls are all dyslexic!
4. I need to *focus* to make sure the curves and angles on the S scrolls are right. I think I'm going to make some stencils and mark up all my scrolls rather than freestyling them, which is what I've been doing this morning.
5. I need to sand down this embroidery hoop, because it's snagging on the mesh fabric.

The experimentation:
Beading experiments

The top one isn't likely to make the grade, for a variety of reasons. I'm aiming for using the one at the bottom, alternating between this version and the "negative" i.e. silver sequin chain, edged in red beads and red crystals at the ends (hence the need for the red crystals), as the main body of the beading, with smaller S scrolls in different bead styles to fill in and add variety.

And that's it for now. I need to go shopping and then get ready for an evening of fun with my uni friends. They get to meet the Gentleman Friend for the first time. And I get to see my friend's swanky new house.

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